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Joe has always been very helpful in resolving issues on a timely manner and answering legal questions that we may have from time to time. We are very pleased with his services and that's why we have been using his services for over 15 years.  -- Joe Vergera

Experienced and Knowledgeable

I have known Mr. McCarthy for many years now. He has been my counsel as well as used my investigative services. I have seen many facets of his personality and aspects of his business and I can say without reservation that he is a very experienced attorney who uses that experience to best represent his client's interests.


Mr. McCarthy's knowledge of construction law, and the nuances that are implicit in every case, give him a competitive advantage in "reading" the opposing party's inferences and subtleties.

He has shown himself to be fair as well as well as taking the hard line as the need arises. You can trust his guidance and his counsel, as I have for many years, both as a client and as a construction defect investigator.  -- David

Consumer Representative

Although Joe represents Contractors for the most part, he represented me, as a consumer, in a case against a less than professional Contractor and won a judgement for me. Joe seems just as interested in protecting the integrity of the Contracting industry by weeding out bad contractors as he does about endorsing professionals in the industry.


I admire the fact that Joe sees his job as one of protecting his client first and the industry second. When I needed a knowledgable and experienced Lawyer who was also experienced as a contractor I found the right man for the job. Joe is both personable and motivated.  -- Todd

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